Merchandising & Marketing Consultant to the Music Products Industry

Although Glen is recognized for his expertise in music store design and product marketing, retailing was a significant part of his early training. For over 15 years, he participated in the day-to-day operations of a family-owned music store — an experience that has been a valuable asset to his consulting services for the industry’s associations, manufacturers and dealers.

Glen Ingles is widely considered the industry’s foremost authority on merchandising and store design. Through his efforts, merchandising principles and fixtures have become better understood by this industry. His campaign against the "overuse" of pegboard led to the industry introduction of slatwall in his "Creative Merchandising Center" project for NAMM at its 1984 and 1985 Expo and Winter trade shows.
Glen continues to initiate change through his seminars, workshops, articles, store design projects and manufacturer involvement. For the ‘94 and ‘95 International NAMM trade show, Glen developed the Business Services Marketplace for NAMM where industry members could meet vendors of business products and services that could help them with their day-to-day operations. Also in 1994 the Ingles’ Sho-All line of display products for the music retailer was introduced (today called Ingles' Products). Dealers can now purchase merchandising products, specific for their needs, from their current distributors of music accessories. In 1997, working with Yamaha, Glen initiated an ongoing merchandising training program for the purpose of training a store merchandising manager for any retailer that wants to participate.

As a specialist to the music products industry, some of the services Glen provides include:

Glen personally has designed music stores for some of the most successful dealers in the industry. By incorporating the latest merchandising and store design techniques, these new store environments have been attributed to departmental sales increases of up to 300%.

Each year Glen speaks to hundreds of music dealers and manufacturers. Through these presentations, merchandising, packaging and store design principles have become better understood and used by this industry.

Since 1983, Glen has contributed articles to industry trade publications focusing on teaching music dealers merchandising, display and store design. He has also authored multiple "how-to" manuals for industry associations. A current video series, taken from his seminars, has been sold to dealers worldwide.

Glen’s unique combination of merchandising and dealer perspective is being applied to the marketing and packaging of many of the industry’s products. And, his "Product Watch" service can help improve a product’s "in-store" positioning and competitive dominance. Besides working directly with the products’ packaging and merchandising, Glen also consults with, and teaches, the manufacturer’s management and sales personnel the principles and processes of merchandising, bar coding/EDI, and how to better understand and respond to dealer needs.

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